Tsallake zuwa babban abun ciki

Ana shigo da motar ku daga Austria zuwa Burtaniya

Me yasa zaba My Car Import?

Is your car already in the United Kingdom? Great! Let us help you with the paperwork to get your vehicle registered.

And if it isn’t in the UK? That’s fine too! Allow us to transport your Austrian car into the United Kingdom.

Sit back and relax – we’ll take the necessary steps to register your car for you!

Transporting your Car

Leave the transportation to us! We'll deliver your car from Austria to the UK safely, meticulously, and quickly!


We'll take care of the necessary legal modifications required to ensure that your Austrian car Is compliant in the UK.

Vehicle Testing

We can handle all the essential IVA and MOT testing at our own onsite premises. No need for journeys back and forth - it's all conveniently under one roof.

Registration Support

Don't worry - we take care of the never-ending paperwork on your behalf to register your vehicle in the United Kingdom.

Batun kwastam

Customs clearance can be complicated but we know precisely what's needed! That's why we take ownership of the process on your behalf and can also assist with NOVA's for you.

Remote Registration

Leave it to us! We can assist with remote registrations for a vast range of vehicles already in the UK.

Menene tsarin shigo da mota daga Austria?

When you’re looking to import your car from Austria to the UK, it’s imperative that you choose a reputable company that possesses the expertise and capabilities to manage the entire process seamlessly on your behalf.

We take immense pride in being recognised as the foremost industry leader in car importation services. Our commitment extends to serving clients with a diverse array of vehicles, regardless of their make or model.

Our approach is centered around providing quotes that are not only comprehensive but also fully tailored to suit your unique requirements and preferences.

To gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved in the car importation process, we encourage you to explore the detailed information available on this page.

Additionally, don’t hesitate to reach out and have a chat with one of our knowledgeable staff members who will be delighted to help you with the import process.


Kai motar ku

Having your car imported from overseas can be a daunting prospect. You have logistics to deal with, abundant paperwork, and the underlying fear that your vehicle might not be cared for adequately.

That’s where we come into our own. 

As frontrunners in the car transportation industry, we’ve perfectly streamlined the import process which means that we can pass the rewards straight over to you, our valued customer.

Our aim is simple; to get your car to the UK safely, efficiently, and smoothly, saving you the stress! 

We have an array of transportation options depending on your individual requirements. If your car is already in the UK, we can either remotely register your car or you can bring it to our premises for the required modification testing. 

Alternatively, if you need to import your car to the UK, we can transport your vehicle inland to a port or organise its entire journey on a car transporter. Rest assured that we only use the best, most reliable world-renowned transporters.

Once it safely reaches the UK, we’ll collect from the port and bring it to our own facility. That’s where our experienced team are ready to modify your car to comply with UK standards.

It’s so much simpler when someone else take care of matters for you!

Due to post-Brexit restrictions to free movement, importing your car from Austria requires a little more paperwork than previously. We’d always recommend allowing that extra amount of time to allow for this.

Amincewar kwastan don motar ku

My Car Import organises customs clearance for around 3000 cars a year, so we’re well versed in ensuring the whole process runs smoothly! We make sure that you’re not overpaying, and if you don’t need to pay, we’ll be certain that that remains the case!

When you let us take care of customs clearance for your vehicle, you’ll have no nasty surprises down the line, just a quick, seamless import from Austria to the UK.

Nau'in yarda?

  • We can modify your car at our private premises.
  • We can test your car at our private premises.
  • Or, we can register your car remotely and take care of the paperwork (depending on the car).
  • In fact, we can take care of the entire process!

If your car is being imported from Austria and less than ten years old, the vehicle will need to comply to UK-type approval. We can either do this via a process called mutual recognition or through IVA testing.

Bear in mind that each car is different, and every manufacturer has different support standards for assisting their clients through the import process.

Please reach out to a member of our team so we can discuss the optimum speed and cost option for your individual circumstances.

Tambayoyi akai-akai

Yaya tsawon lokacin da ake ɗaukar mota daga Austria zuwa Burtaniya

Akwai hanyoyin gama gari guda biyu don jigilar mota tsakanin Ostiriya da Burtaniya:

Ro-Ro (Roll-on/Roll-off) Shipping

With Ro-Ro shipping, the car is driven onto a specialised vessel at the port of origin (Austria) and driven off at the destination port in the UK. Ro-Ro shipping is typically faster and more cost-effective for transporting cars. The transit time for Ro-Ro shipping from Austria to the UK is usually around 2 to 5 days.

Jigilar kaya

A madadin, ana iya jigilar motar a cikin akwati na jigilar kaya. Ana loda motar cikin aminci a cikin kwantena, sannan a ajiye kwandon a kan jirgin dakon kaya. jigilar kwantena na iya ɗaukar ɗan lokaci kaɗan saboda ƙarin sarrafawa da lokacin sarrafawa. Lokacin jigilar kaya daga Austria zuwa Burtaniya yawanci kusan kwanaki 5 zuwa 10 ne.

Da fatan za a tuna cewa waɗannan lokutan wucewa ƙididdiga ne masu tsauri kuma abubuwa daban-daban na iya yin tasiri, gami da jadawalin kamfanin jigilar kaya, takamaiman hanyar jigilar kaya, yanayin yanayi, da hanyoyin share kwastan.

For more precise and up-to-date information on shipping times for a car from Austria to the United Kingdom, please fill in a quote form and we’ll be happy to advise.

Nawa ne kudin jigilar mota daga Austria zuwa Burtaniya?

Kudin jigilar mota daga Ostiryia zuwa Burtaniya na iya bambanta ko'ina dangane da abubuwa da yawa, gami da nau'in sufuri, nisa, takamaiman hanya, girman mota da nauyin nauyi, da kowane ƙarin sabis da kuke buƙata. Anan akwai wasu ƙididdiga na gaba ɗaya don hanyoyin sufuri daban-daban:

  1. Jirgin ruwa ko RoRo (Birjirewa/Kashe) jigilar kaya: Wannan hanya ce ta gama gari don jigilar motoci tsakanin nahiyar Turai da Burtaniya. Farashin na iya bambanta dangane da kamfanin jirgin ruwa, tashar tashi da isowa, girman motar, da kuma ko kun zaɓi sabis na ƙima ko ƙima. A matsakaita, kuna iya tsammanin biya ko'ina daga £200 zuwa £500 ko fiye don tafiya ɗaya.
  2. Jigilar kaya: Idan kun fi son ƙarin kariya don motar ku, zaku iya zaɓar jigilar kaya. Wannan ya haɗa da sanya motar ku a cikin kwandon jigilar kaya. Farashin zai dogara ne da girman kwantena, kowane ƙarin sabis (kamar isar da gida-ƙofa), da tashar tashi da isowa. Wannan hanyar tana da tsada fiye da jigilar RoRo kuma tana iya kamawa daga £800 zuwa £1500 ko sama da haka.
  3. Jirgin Kaya: Jirgin sama shine mafi sauri amma kuma zaɓi mafi tsada. Yawancin lokaci ana tanada shi don motoci masu mahimmanci ko gaggawa. Farashin na iya zama babba, sau da yawa ya wuce fam dubu da yawa.
  4. Ƙarin Kuɗi: Ka tuna cewa za a iya samun ƙarin farashi fiye da jigilar kayayyaki da kanta. Waɗannan na iya haɗawa da harajin shigo da kaya, haraji, kuɗaɗen izinin kwastam, da duk wani gyare-gyaren da ya dace don cika ƙa'idodin Burtaniya (misali, canza fitilun mota don tuƙi a gefen hagu na hanya).
  5. Dillali da Kudaden Gudanarwa: Idan kana amfani da sufurin kaya ko kamfanin dabaru, za su iya cajin dillali ko kuɗaɗen kulawa don daidaita sufuri.
  6. insurance: Yana da mahimmanci don tabbatar da cewa motarka tana da inshorar da kyau yayin tafiya. Wannan na iya haɗawa da ƙarin farashi, amma muhimmin al'amari ne na kare jarin ku.
  7. Nisa da Hanya: Nisa tsakanin wuraren tashi da isowa zai tasiri farashin. Dogayen nisa ko ƙarin hadaddun hanyoyi na iya haifar da ƙarin farashi.

Don samun ingantacciyar ƙididdiga ta zamani don jigilar takamaiman motar ku daga Austria zuwa Burtaniya, ana ba da shawarar ku cika fom ɗin ƙira. Za su iya samar muku da keɓaɓɓen ƙididdiga bisa cikakkun bayanan motar ku da abubuwan da kuke so na sufuri. Bugu da ƙari, ka tuna cewa farashin na iya yin canji dangane da yanayin kasuwa, farashin man fetur, da sauran abubuwa, don haka yana da kyau a tattara ƙididdiga daga maɓuɓɓuka da yawa da tsara kasafin ku daidai.


Za ku iya tuka motar Austrian a Burtaniya?

Ee, zaku iya tuka motar Austrian a cikin United Kingdom. Idan kuna ziyartar Burtaniya kuma kuna shirin tuƙi motar Austrian mai rijista, ga wasu mahimman abubuwan da yakamata kuyi la'akari:

  1. Shigo na wucin gadi: Kuna iya shigo da motar ku ta Austrian zuwa Burtaniya na ɗan lokaci kaɗan. Gabaɗaya, wannan lokacin yana zuwa watanni 6 a cikin watanni 12. Ya kamata a yi rajistar motar a Ostiriya, kuma kuna buƙatar samar da takaddun da suka dace a kan iyaka.
  2. insurance: Kuna buƙatar ingantaccen inshorar mota wanda ya shafi tuki a Burtaniya. Kuna iya shirya inshora a Ostiriya wanda zai rufe ku yayin tuki a cikin Burtaniya, ko kuna iya samun inshora na ɗan gajeren lokaci daga mai ba da sabis na Burtaniya.
  3. Takardun Mota: Dauki daftarin rajista na mota, takardar shaidar inshora, da duk wasu takaddun da suka dace. Tabbatar cewa waɗannan takaddun suna cikin tsari kuma a shirye suke.
  4. Tuki A Hagu: A Burtaniya, motoci suna tafiya a gefen hagu na hanya. Wannan na iya bambanta da abin da kuka saba a Ostiriya. Ɗauki ɗan lokaci don daidaitawa kuma samun kwanciyar hankali tare da tuƙi a hagu.
  5. Dokokin Hanya da Alamu: Sanin kanku da dokokin hanya na Burtaniya, alamun zirga-zirga, da la'antar tuƙi. Wasu dokoki na iya bambanta da na Austria.
  6. Iyakokin Sauri: Burtaniya tana da iyakokin gudu daban-daban idan aka kwatanta da Austria. Tabbatar cewa kuna sane da iyakar saurin hanyoyin hanyoyi daban-daban.
  7. Gwajin MOT (idan an zartar): Idan motarka ta wuce shekaru 3 kuma kuna shirin zama a Burtaniya na tsawon lokaci, kuna iya buƙatar gwada ta don cancantar hanya. Ana kiran wannan gwajin da gwajin MOT (Ma'aikatar Sufuri).
  8. Yin Kiliya da Cunkoso: Kula da ka'idojin ajiye motoci da duk wani cajin cunkoso da zai iya aiki a wasu yankuna na Burtaniya, kamar London.
  9. Kwastam da Haraji: Dangane da tsawon zaman ku da matsayin ku, kuna iya buƙatar bayyana motar ku a kwastan kuma kuna iya biyan harajin shigo da kaya ko VAT.
  10. Lasisin tuki: Tabbatar cewa kana da ingantaccen lasisin tuki wanda aka karɓa a Burtaniya. Idan lasisin ku baya cikin Ingilishi, kuna iya buƙatar izinin tuƙi na ƙasa da ƙasa (IDP) baya ga lasisin ƙasa.

Ana ba da shawarar cewa ku tuntuɓi hukumomin Burtaniya masu dacewa, kamar Hukumar Ba da lasisin Direba da Motoci (DVLA) ko Rundunar Kan Iyakoki ta Burtaniya, don sabbin bayanai da ingantattun bayanai game da tukin mota mai rijista a ƙasashen waje a Burtaniya. Dokoki na iya canzawa, don haka yana da mahimmanci a sanar da ku kafin yin kowane shiri na balaguro.

Wadanne shahararrun motoci ne da za a saya a Austria?

A Ostiriya, kamar a cikin ƙasashen Turai da yawa, shaharar motoci na iya bambanta akan lokaci kuma abubuwa na iya tasiri kamar abubuwan da suka shafi muhalli, ƙa'idodin gwamnati, da zaɓin mabukaci. Anan akwai wasu shahararrun nau'ikan motoci da abubuwan da suka faru a Austria:

  1. Karamin Motoci: Ƙananan motoci, ciki har da samfura daga Volkswagen, Škoda, da Seat, sun kasance sananne a al'ada a Austria. Ƙananan girmansu yana sa su zama masu amfani don kewaya yankunan birane, kuma ana zabar su sau da yawa don ingancin man fetur.
  2. SUVs da Crossovers: SUVs da crossovers sun kasance suna samun karbuwa a Austria, yayin da suke ba da haɗin kai, sarari, da matsayi mafi girma. Alamomi kamar Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, da Mercedes-Benz suna da ƙarfi a wannan ɓangaren.
  3. Motocin Lantarki da Haɓaka: Ostiriya, kamar yawancin ƙasashen Turai, ta kasance ana samun karuwar sha'awar motoci masu amfani da wutar lantarki da na zamani. Tesla, Nissan, BMW, da Renault wasu nau'ikan samfuran ne waɗanda ke ba da zaɓuɓɓukan lantarki. Ƙwararrun gwamnati da wayar da kan muhalli sun taimaka wajen wannan yanayin.
  4. Karamin Motocin alatu: Audi, BMW, da Mercedes-Benz suna da ƙarfi sosai a cikin kasuwar motocin alatu a Ostiriya. Ƙananan motocin alatu, irin su Audi A3, BMW 1 Series, da Mercedes-Benz A-Class, sun shahara tsakanin waɗanda ke neman ƙwarewar tuƙi.
  5. Motocin Rukunin Volkswagen: Volkswagen, Škoda, Seat, da Audi, duk wani ɓangare na Rukunin Volkswagen, suna da babban kaso na kasuwa a Austria. Waɗannan samfuran suna ba da nau'ikan samfura iri-iri, tun daga ƙananan motoci zuwa SUVs, waɗanda ke jan hankalin masu amfani da yawa.
  6. Wagon da Gidaje: Kekunan tasha da motocin kadarori, da aka san su da fa'idarsu da wadataccen sarari na kaya, suna da keɓancewar bibiyar a Austria. Alamomi kamar Škoda (Octavia Combi), Volkswagen (Golf Variant), da Volvo (V60) suna ba da shahararrun ƙirar keken keke.
  7. 4×4 da All-Wheel Drive: Idan aka ba ƙasar Ostiriya mai tsaunuka kuma galibi lokacin sanyi mai tsauri, ana fifita motocin da ke da 4 × 4 ko duk abin hawa, musamman a yankunan karkara da tsaunuka. Alamun kamar Subaru da Jeep an san su da iyawarsu ta kan hanya.
  8. Diesel da fetur: Yayin da injunan dizal suka shahara a tarihi a Ostiriya saboda ingancin man fetur, kasuwa ta kasance tana jujjuya zuwa ga mai da sauran zaɓuɓɓukan mai, gami da wutar lantarki da haɗaɗɗun wutar lantarki.
  9. La'akari da Muhalli: Austriya ta kasance tana haɓaka zaɓuɓɓukan sufuri masu dacewa da muhalli. Sakamakon haka, motocin da ke da ƙarancin hayaki, ko ta hanyar lantarki ko ingantattun injinan mai da dizal, sun ƙara samun kulawa.
  10. Masu kera motoci na Austriya: Ostiriya kuma gida ce ga ƴan sanannun masana'antun motoci, irin su KTM (wanda aka sani da babura da motar wasan motsa jiki na X-Bow) da Magna Steyr (wanda ke kera motoci don nau'ikan iri daban-daban).
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